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Our edge = Your advantage

We have the most relevant Experience in Quality assurance testing, development of innovative technology, and most importantly, the Travel Industry.

These experiences combine over 30 years of insight that no other company can deliver when it comes to the best practices in web testing for the Travel Commerce providers.

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Our Mission

LeRaccoon truly understands the need for automation in today's rapid-fire world of travel commerce. Our differentiators is that our founders combined 30 years of international experience makes us most qualified to solve travel industry technology web testing challenges. We offer an easy-to-use web-based solution that performs QA tasks that normally takes hours (even days!) to simple clicks that perform in seconds, leaving your enterprise free to focus on what really matters--your customers.



The Problems that we solve

Manual Testing Bottleneck

Your QA assurance team is stuck for hours/days/month performing manual testing on your sites? Delaying the launch of your projects? Why continue with this time consuming process? Automate your regression and black box testing now.

Cross device compatibility

Quality Assurance need to test across all devices and browsers. Your customer expecting the same customer experience, how are you doing that if your still relying on manual or on-premise solutions?

Limited resources

internal gaps in resources lead to suffering quality; and, poor quality leads to financial loss, especially with revenue-impeding bugs. How have you leveraged automation to remedy this? How well is your personnel really able to test comprehensively? Why lift the heavy load when automation can simplify the work?

High competition

High competition (especially within e-commerce): our competitors are just one click away, so our website and mobile app conversion must work. How are you able to quickly analyze competitors without sacrificing time with your internal resources?

Low Quality UX

We fear missing bugs and the chance of releasing them unintentionally. Let’s face it, we’re human and there is a chance you can miss bug, where is your assurance if you miss a step?

Your Reputation is on the line

Your brand has a reputation to uphold, and we need to ensure a high quality across our product lineup. Why leave your QA to chance with outdated manual testing?

Full web automation testing
Performance testing, load testing
Scenario API
Business intelligence Reports
What Should you automate?

Why laQualité?


Web testing automation gets more complicated when industry specific.

LaQualité’s solution is built for the nuances of rapid-fire travel e-commerce offering flexibility, ease of use, speed and adaptability to your business needs.



LaQualite team will perform a full quality assurance analysis on your site(s).

This will include :